Products we use


We source our beans from a reputable local Cafe and Specialty Coffee Roasters "Brother of Mine". 

Established in 2017, they have established their place in the community of Baldivis and have gone on to win many awards for their products and services.

Brother of Mine source the beans from Brazil - Peru. Then they are dark roasted and naturally washed with love, leaving flavoured notes of Marmalade, Dark Chocolate and Jaffa Cakes.

The "No Sleep to Brooklyn" beans that we use suit a vast variety of taste buds and please coffee connoisseurs of all levels.


Just because you want or need to drink decaf coffee, doesn't mean you should miss out on high quality and a great flavour. We can offer our decaf lovers a bean sourced from Colombia with Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Trail Mix Light flavours, that is darkly roasted with love from local roasters Brother of Mine.


Sourced from West Africa, the deep red of Koko Deluxe is indicative of top grade bean varieties in this world renowned cocoa growing region. The quality is confirmed with complexity and body, leaving a superfine, true chocolate finish. This African Red cocoa is processed in France, then blended with pure Australian cane sugar in Melbourne.

With its rich, true chocolate taste and all natural ingredients, no fillers, starch, added flavours, colours or preservatives, Koko Deluxe is a pure natural indulgence.

There is nothing to hide or enhance the flavour of this premium hot chocolate. Pure and simple, GMO Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Exploitation Free.


We aren't lovers of marshmallows, but OMG these are to die for. These MONSTERMALLOWS will certainly feel like a dreamy cloud in your mouth. We add these to our famous hot chocolates to warm your soul that little bit more.


Another popular Brother of Mine product, the Turmeric Chai is not overpowering, easy to drink hot or cold....refreshing on a hot day iced or soul warming on a cold day, lovingly heated by your favourite barista at Hugs with Mugs

The Brother of Mine Vanilla Chai is a soul touching blend that has the most heart warming aroma and taste. Smelling like Christmas will have you feeling festive all year round.


We have done our homework and found quality milks that match our beans and other beverage products. We are also able to provide an alternative milk for those who have special dietary requirements....after all, why should you miss out on your daily coffee.